Our advisors consist of business leaders, academic professionals and active alumni. The supervisory board watches over the continuity and development of the leaders and the sustainability of the operations. Also, it is not uncommon that various advisors give Enactus Tilburg University ad hoc advice regarding business management. The Committee of Recommendations exists of prominent stakeholders from the region that support our goals and fully recommend Enactus.

Faculty Advisors

Vincent Wiegerinck

Department of Marketing
Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Hilde Baert

CentER Research Office
Tilburg School of Economics and Management

James Small

Department of management
Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Eric dooms

Academic Director MBA programs

TIAS school for business and society

Alumni Advisors

Mila Djurdjevic


Magid El-Massoudi

Joey Sardjoe


Business Advisors

Ralf Embrechts

MOM Tilburg/ Quiet community

Karin bruers

Founder Social sofa/duvelhok

Coen de Graaf

Program Director Human Capital

Comittee of Recommendations

Prof. dr. E.H.L. Aerts

Rector Magnificus of Tilburg University
Full Professor