Become a student entrepreneur

As a student entrepreneur you run a social enterprise together with a team of students or you set up a new social enterprise. With your entrepreneurial approach, you are the one who helps a target group in society. You will receive professional support from the board, business coaches and partners. You spend a few hours each week on weekly meetings with your team, performing function-specific tasks. Don't forget about the unforgettable events that Enactus-Nederland organizes for you, such as the National Competition and the Heineken Event.

Within a team there are different functions and it differs for each company. Examples include: team captain, events manager, marketing manager, treasurer, external relations, sales manager or production manager.


What's in it for you?

By setting up and running a social enterprise you are able to advance a certain target group in society. At the same time you develop in many different areas. You learn how it is to be responsible for the progress and existence of your own (social) enterprise. In addition, the many training courses and workshops offer you the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills and to orient yourself on the labor market. You will also become part of a large (international) network, where friendships for life are established and where you are close to the labor market!

Is this something for you? Then become part of Enactus Tilburg! When you apply, we look at both you and the needs of the company, so that you end up in a place where your talent adds value

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