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  • Chairman

    Responsible for Enactus Tilburg University and the long-term strategy.

    Leads board meetings and provides an overview of what needs to be done.

    Monitors the quality of the organization, among other things by drawing up an annual plan and implementing the vision and mission of the entire foundation.

    Managing the board and paying attention to the personal development of board members.

    Improves internal organizational processes by paying attention to bottlenecks within the organization.

  • Vice-Chairman

    Sparring partner of the chairman and takes over the chairman's duties when it is not present.

    Responsible for all financial decisions and investment choices within the foundation.

    Executes all payments and ensures financial clarity for the rest of the board and the members.

    Directs the financial managers of the companies and supervises them in their function.

    Major role in the National Competition and annual Audit by preparing an annual report.

    Recruits new financial support.

    Project coordinator of a team.

  • External contacts and acquisition manager

    Contact for companies and organizations.

    Looks which parties are relevant to Enactus Tilburg and ensures that Enactus Tilburg enters into new partnerships.

    Ensures that the interests of Enactus Tilburg are well looked after and increases business brand awareness

    Maintenance contact with all partners of Enactus Tilburg and responsible for the involvement of the partners.

    Responsible for the alumni policy and ensures that alumni stay involved in the organization, for example by using them as alumni coach for the companies.

    Project coordinator of a team

  • Events and company manager

    Responsible for the personal growth of the members.

    Set up an Enactus evening every month with interesting speakers, workshops and drinks.

    Organizes all other events that Enactus Tilburg organizes throughout the year, such as an annual alumni event and the partner event.

    Responsible for the optimization of the course of the companies.

    Overview of everything that is important about the companies and project coordinators.

    Project coordinator of two teams.

  • Marketing Manager

    Responsible for the name recognition of Enactus Tilburg and determines how the organization presents itself externally.

    Sends the members newsletter once a month.

    Guide the marketing managers within the companies and is responsible for their development

    Responsible for promotions, external communication and all marketing materials concerning Enactus Tilburg.

    Maintains the social media channels and is responsible for the content.

    Supervises the Enactus branding within the companies.

    Project coordinator of a team.

  • Human Resource Manager

    Responsible for finding new suitable candidates for Enactus Tilburg, both members and board

    Draws up the job application scripts, responsible for the application preparation of the board and the applications themselves.

    Responsible for the selection procedure and the transfer between the members.

    Ensures that members are in the right place and responsible for their well-being and development.

    Keeps the membership administration and responsible for the volunteer agreements.

    Project coordinator of a team.