Chic Amis

Chic Amis works toward launching a secondhand clothing store to re-circulate
people’s clothes while prolonging the lifespan of the clothes. Our clothing items consist of used
clothes that are either donated or sold to us, which we then revamp into a ready-to-
wear condition.
At our store, everyday wears will be offered for sale and occasion garments for rent.
The prices are kept fair depending on the quality and type of the garment. We aim to
provide decent quality second-hand clothes while remaining truthful to our
costumers. We are to be your stylish friend who gives you insights into the clothes’
quality, advising you on color matching and fitting.
Most importantly, we aspire to bring garments awareness back in trend by spreading
it on a personal level. With greater education, we aim to promote intentional
purchasing practice among fashion lovers and inspire more positive impact.