Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

What do we look for?

As a Project Coordinator, you are part of the board of Enactus Tilburg University. You will oversee the projects and their developments and make sure that they are in accordance with the main Enactus criteria. You are the main point of contact for the local- and international project leaders and team members and meet them on a regular basis to make sure the projects are progressing in the right direction. Last but not least, you help to set up new projects and (together with the board) you brainstorm with team members on different possibilities and ideas.

Do you have the talent?

As a project coordinator you have to be a great communicator as well as a motivator for our project leaders and the project members. You should be open to new ideas, but also have a realistic perspective on the feasibility of the projects. The tasks ask for flexibility, dealing with unexpected changes and ability to take responsible decisions. Besides, you should be fluent in English and willing to commit to at least one academic year for the position.

Are you interested in joining Enactus? Does the position excite you and do you think you have the talent for it?
If yes, we would be happy to hear from you! Please send your CV and a motivational letter to [email protected]