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Enactus offers companies the opportunity to connect with the leaders of tomorrow. Enactus Netherlands are currently working closely with thirty partner companies in the Netherlands. Teams also have local partners. They play an important role in the work we do and in the development of students to become socially responsible entrepreneurial leaders. Enactus companies offer financial support to develop the teams and to continuously improve their projects.

Using the expertise

The partnership goes beyond the financial aspect: the leaders of partner companies have plenty of space to have their own input and help the students and further their own professional expertise. Companies can also involve their employees to participate within our projects. The Business Advisor – a person from the partner company – is responsible to guides the Enactus team it is involved with in making the annual plans and for anchoring Enactus within their own company. Together we can achieve better results.

Partnership custom

The Enactus network provides partner companies interesting business contacts. Moreover, the partnership is a valuable addition to the Corporate Social Resoponsibility profile of a company. Companies can also involve their employee, Enactus provide the possibility of involvement, which is a good opportunity to get in touch with ambitious top students. What the interests and objectives of the company are – whether it’s at a global level or a more focused approach – and the size of your business is, we offer a customized partnership.

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