A mind for Business. A Heart for the World.

Would you like to join other active students at Enactus Tilburg University? And be part of more than 3.000 other students in Netherlands? We offer you the opportunity to contribute to your environment and community through various entrpreneurial projects. Participation provides significant experience, skills and contacts needed to build a successful career. Enactus students are socially committed, talented, enterprising, honest and value driven. They are committed to Enactus to give something back to society.

A mission together

If you join Enactus Tilburg University, you join an international network of more than 66.000 students who each make their own contribution to our common mission: changing lives and creating a sustainable and better world. Our team consist of students from all kinds of different areas. This diversity ensures us of the knowledge we need to carry our our projects

Alumni network

Enactus has a strong alumni network. This network is run by a group of enthusiastic Enactus alumni who organize activities aimed at personal development, trainings to maintain their knowledge from their active time within the Enactus network and actively think about how to the develop the Enactus program.

New Project Idea (applications open all year long)

Do you have a plan for a social enterprise, but you don’t have the necessary resources to turn your plan into action? You can choose to collaborate with Enactus Tilburg University! We can facilitate you with our network, project members and our knowledge about starting a social enterprise. Do not hesitate to propose your plan to us, so that we can work together toward its realization.

Join us!

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