Shoppr offers a future perspective to a growing group of women in the Dutch – more specifically the Tilburg – society in an accessible way. These are women who are at the bottom of the social ladder, and as a result are in a vulnerable position. These women have in common that they are creative and find happiness in working with their hands. They work together for a longer period in a group led by a coordinator to manufacture the bags.

Save a Bike

Many reintegration workers are having a hard time getting back on the labor market.Often, this is because they are missing skills that could make them more valuable to employers, and therefore, they are looking for a way to learn something new.

Action Team

Every month, our Action Team identifies local needs of various target groups and organises actions to create immediate, short-term solutions. These actions might not have a long-term vision per se, but do raise awareness for our organisation in the local community, while also developing the right social team spirit. Some examples of this year’s actions include organising a day of fun activities with refugee children, collecting food for the local food bank, and organising activities at a retirement home.

New project

If you have an amazing idea or not, it is always possible to start a new projectteam. Projects generally start in September and will grow towards a social venture in a year guided by a roadmap and toolkits. Enactus will support you during this year, we have the experience and tools to help you with starting your own social company with a small group of students.