Save A Bike

Save A Bike collects abandoned bicycles and repairs them in partnership with MSN Goirle, an organisation that employs people with a mild handicap. The bikes are sold and rented out at affordable prices, mostly to students at Tilburg University. This way, they give the bikes a new life, and the people at MSN a shot at the labour market.


Shoppr produces sustainable bags made of leftover textile from local manufacturers, and supports a group of vulnerable women (with a distance to the labour market) in the meantime. Each Friday, the women work together on the bags, thereby forming a support group for each other. The long-term goal is to generate enough revenue to help them follow training courses in textile technology. 


Chic Amis

Chic Amis aims to become a second hand clothing rental service for occasion wear that reshapes the way students interact with fashion. Their brand of sustainable fashion will ensure that occasion wear continuously goes from one person to the next, instead of gathering dust for most of the year.

Study Boxx

A group of members of Enactus Tilburg University have decided to organise study groups to help their fellow students to stay motivated during the quarantine.
Study Boxx forms Whatsapp group of around 10 students, where you check in in the morning saying what your study goals are for the day, and again at the end of the day to check whether you’ve reached your goals (and to discuss how to reach them in the future if you haven’t).

Your project?

If you have an amazing idea (and even if you don’t), it is always possible to start a new project team. Projects generally start in September or February, but you can always contact us later in the year if you have an idea you want to share. Enactus will support you and help you grow your project towards a real social enterprise with a small group of students – we have the experience, the contacts and the tools to guide you.