Save A Bike

Our project Save A Bike, tackles two vastly different problems.
The first of these is the fact that many reintegration workers are having a hard time getting back onto the labour market.
The second, is that the city of Tilburg is full of abandoned bicycles.

Our partner company MSN is home to a large number of aspiring workers in all sorts of tough situations. We combine Tilburg’s neglected bike problem with their willingness to work and learn. The reintegration workers are educated in such a way that they can develop the skills required to be a bicycle or motorcycle mechanic. Once we have collected the repaired bikes, they are rented out and sold to students at an affordable price.
By collecting and recycling damaged, abandoned bicycles, we aim to clean up the environment of Tilburg and recycle perfectly good bikes. Furthermore, we are tackling problems of unemployment by educating individuals with a distance to the labor market.