SHOPPR. offers a future perspective to a growing group of women in order to be more self-sufficient in
the Dutch – more specifically in Tilburg – society in a creative and feasible manner. These women are
considered to be at the bottom of the social ladder, as a result of which they are in a vulnerable position.
Furthermore, what these women have in common is that they are creative and rather gifted as it relates
to working with their hands. They have been working in a group for an extended period of time together
under the leadership of a coordinator to manufacture the bags.
We strive for three general issues that fit within student association Enactus. The most important one for
this project is without any doubt “women empowerment”. SHOPPR’s ultimate goal is to support a group
of vulnerable women and to help them to find their way back to the labor market, so that they can
(partly) be back on their own feet.
Next, we strive for sustainability. The bags (and facemasks) are produced in a sustainable manner
because they are made of textile remnants from a local quilt manufacturer. SHOPPR. also wants to
contribute to limiting plastic waste. So, by buying our products, you not only contribute to using less
plastic bags and disposable masks but you also look fashionable doing it!
Last but not least, financial reinvestment is also of great importance to SHOPPR. We want to generate
enough income in the long term, to then invest this back into our women. For example, we want to
stimulate them to follow a training in textile technology (financed by our income). In that way, our
women will always be the center of attention of our project.