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In Kenya, at least six out of ten girls regularly miss a school day because of their menstruation. Sanitary pads and tampons are too expensive and that is why girls stay at home. Research by the Kenyan Ministry of Education shows that an annual average of 18 weeks of school is missed by girls in both primary and secondary education due to menstruation. Even when there is some access to hygiene products, these used products create a big mess due to poor waste collection in Kenya. When there is no access to hygiene products, several alternatives like leaves, mattress filling or even sitting on sand during a girl’s period is used. We as Enactus saw an opportunity to tackle these issues.

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We would like to introduce Kenyan girls to the menstruation cup, which is 100% degradable and can be used multiple times, up until a number of years. The cups can be retained for a longer period than sanitary pads or tampons and can be cleaned so that they can be reused. The aim of this project is to give Kenyan girls the opportunity to experience their period in a more hygienic, sustainable and less traumatic way. Also, the goal is to enable girls to keep going to school, even when menstruating. In this project we will sell the cups to women in the Netherlands to create awareness for a more sustainable solution to your period. When these cups are sold, you have the opportunity to buy one more for a girl in Kenya. We will send these cups to the schoolgirls of Kenya where they will be educated about the use and stimulated to continue their education, even when they are on their period.